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Democracy loses in India's considered silence on Burmese democratic protests
By Tufail Ahmad
Posted: October, 2007
India abandoned its Gandhian ideals during the pro-democracy protests by Buddhist monks in Burma. New
Delhi's considered silence on Burma has attracted severe criticism both in India and the outside world. This
is an optimistic moment for India. The world expects India not to forego its interest in the international
relations, but to go for it. A democratic Burma will be in India's interest.
Ayn Rand's Objectivism upholds reason
as man's only means of knowledge
By Michael S. Berliner
Posted: October, 2007
October 10 marks the 50th anniversary of the
publication of Ayn Rand's classic novel Atlas
Shrugged. Ayn Rand understood that to defend the
individual she must penetrate to the root: his need to
use reason to survive. Today, Atlas Shrugged is the
second most influential book in the US.
Are we at the high watermark of freedom
in the Middle East?
By Edward Turner
Posted: September, 2007
Across the Eurabian world democracy is flattening
into a closely networked realm of partly-free states,
full of  partly-liberal citizens responsible to the power
of partly-elected autocrats. Such is a recipe for a
mediocratic, not democratic Empire. Do not be
surprised when the Iraq surge ends.
In Groundhog Day, political left as if
humanity is stuck in a time trap
By Edward Turner
Posted: October, 2007
''Groundhog Day,'' the 1993 film, is an allegory for the
political left. Egotistical television meteorologist
wakes up every morning to find it's a repeat of the
same day. Its relevance: Under Hitler, Stalin, Idi
Amin, Pol Pot and Mao among others, millions died
because scholars lied.
Will democratic 'incentives' encourage
Iran to mitigate its ideology?
By Elan Journo
Posted: June, 2007
Negotiations buy Iran time; a settlement would
provide loot to fund its nuclear program. Above all,
diplomacy grants Iran moral legitimacy as a civilized
regime: its hostile goals --"death to America" -- and
its murder of our citizens are made to seem
reasonable differences of opinion.
Jamestown gave Americans the noble
spirit of individualism
By Eric Daniels
Posted: June, 2007
The Americans should pause to celebrate the full
significance of the Jamestown, which marked its  
four-hundredth anniversary on May 14 this year, as
an opportunity to appreciate and rededicate
themselves to America's noble spirit of individualism
and liberty.
The US military's exit from Iraq should be
through Iran
By William E. Odom
Posted: June, 2007
The Iranian regime realizes that although its
influence in Iraq has increased, it faces a number of
limits. Once US forces leave Iraq, even Shiite Iraqis
will view Persians with suspicion. Moreover, Iran –
like Turkey, Iraq and Syria – does not want an
independent Kurdish state.
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